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SIMO keeps you connected to the Internet when no WiFi is available. Get low-cost, fast mobile WiFi with SIMO.

At Your Fingertips


Get SIMO Internet anytime, anywhere with one click.
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$1 For 1 Hour Unlimited


Get low-cost, fast mobile WiFi with SIMO. No contracts, cancel anytime.



SIMO automatically scans for nearby signals from multiple mobile networks so you can always have the fastest connectivity.
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Grab a SIMO Inside Tablet

Buy a SIMO Inside Tablet so you can have secure mobile WiFi wherever you go.

Choose Your Data Plan

Choose from flexible data plan options that's right for your needs.

Enjoy WiFi Anywhere

Enjoy fast data across 135+ countries whenever no WiFi is available.

How SIMO Works


Tablet Data Plans

SIMO mobile WiFi is your alternative to costly carrier plans. Choose a SIMO Inside Tablet and selects plans that work best for you!
1 Hour Unlimited

$1 per hour

Global coverage
Unlimited usage